Best Yoga tips mobile apps

Are you a health fanatic? Do you want to lose weight? Are you looking forward to a better lifestyle amalgamated with the benefits of Yoga? Looking for the best yoga apps to start off your healthy lifestyle? Or do you practice Yoga every day and want to learn more? Whatever may be the situation, you have come to the right place. We present below, two apps which are suited best for offering exclusive Yoga tips to you and pushing you forward to a better lifestyle. Out of the countless Yoga tips app created for fitness freaks in India, the given two most certainly are the best ones.

Best Yoga Tips mobile apps

Daily Yoga- Yoga Fitness App

It provides Yoga Classes, meditation tracks, scheduled plan and asanas which are suitable for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced Yoga practitioners. 8 Yoga experts have been used by the app to offer you the best yoga and meditation exercise with more than 500 poses, meditation music as well as a social community.
Awarded as the Best Yoga App of 2015 by Healthline, this is an easy and popular mobile yoga app which can be viewed and studied at the comfort of your pocket.

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The scheduled plans for all levels have contents continuously added to them. The social community helps you share and attain information and Yoga tips from other people. A huge list of programs can be chosen from, depending upon your target area and more programs are being added each day. For an all-around experience with trustworthy contents, choose this app and reap its benefits.

It can be considered to be one of the most advanced mobile yoga studios with its beauty and simplicity of design being the most important features. With over 289 poses and exercise in HD video quality, and 37 pre-installed programs, you have the option to choose the best one depending upon the target you want to achieve.

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All of the programs are divided on the basis of suitability for beginners, intermediate and advanced and the 3D muscle images for every pose showcases how exactly the poses have to be done so that you don’t go wrong. The HD videos are extremely soothing to watch and amalgamated with the soothing music, you will surely feel a good yoga experience.

Better your health, become fit and practice Yoga every day with these apps and reap the benefits of becoming a healthier, happier individual with the comfort of your mobile phone.

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