How to Get a Work Visa for Singapore? Best Tips

Working in Singapore, or essentially in all countries in the world, requires you to have a pass called as the work visa. How to obtain the job visa for Singapore? What are the steps involved that will help you in obtaining a visa in Singapore easily? What kind of pass is suitable for your needs? Read on to find out.

Work Visa for Singapore

Steps involved

1. Understanding the market

Learning more about the locality and the people of Singapore will surely help loads.

2. Finding a job that suits you

Start searching for a job that is suitable for you before you start the process to do something.

3. Prepare your resume

Get started on your resume and make it as appealing as possible.

4. Job interviews are necessary

Once shortlisted, you will; be called over.

5. Accept your offer

Sign in an employment contract so you can accept the job offer with ease.

6. Get a work visa

This will be done by your employer

Type of work visa for Singapore

There are a huge number of work visa types and you can choose one that is suitable for your purpose.

For professionals

The following types of work visas are suitable for professionals:

1. Employment Pass

With acceptable qualifications and earning of 3000 dollars per month, you will be granted this visa.

2. Entre Pass

This is provided to entrepreneurs who want to operate a new business in Singapore.

3. Personalized Employment Pass

  • This is for high earning professionals
  • For semi-skilled and skilled workers

1. Work Permit for performing artiste

For people working in public entertainment areas, this pass is easily available.

2. Work permit for nanny

Provided to nannies who will be working in Singapore for 16 months from the birth of the child of the employer.

3. Work permit for domestic worker

Provided to workers who can do domestic work in Singapore.

4. S Pass

This requires candidates to be earning at least 2200 dollars a month to be able to meet the required criteria.

5. Work permit for foreign worker

This is suitable for semi-skilled foreign workers who specialize in the marine, process, services, manufacturing sector.

Students and Trainees

1. Work Holiday Programme

This is suitable for graduates and students who are aged between 18 and 25 and are on a holiday and are willing to work in Singapore for about 6 months.

2. Training Work Permit

This is dedicated to semi-skilled trainees or students who are under practical training in Singapore.

3. Training Employment Pass

This is dedicated to foreign professionals who are under a practical training and are earning at least 3000 dollars on a monthly basis.

Apart from these passes, there are also passes dedicated to the family of eligible work visa holders. There are also exemptions for working in a visit pass.

1. Miscellaneous Work Pass

This is for people who are working for the duration of a mere 60 days in Singapore in an assignment.

2. Work Pass exception for foreign students

This is for people who are studying on a full-time basis in a school or institution situated I Singapore.

3. Long Term Visit Pass holder’s Work Pass

For a long term visit pass holder, a work pass can be granted, provided that the foreigner is married to a Singaporean.

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