US Tourist Visa For Indians: Tips and Requirements

With a bit of patience and the correct documents, the US Tourist Visa for Indians is pretty simple. There are a lot of myths about the US Tourist Visa procedures and you can read along to see them busted and understand that the visa applications, though long drawn, can be obtained easily. Just follow the steps carefully and fly to the USA in no time.

US Tourist Visa For Indians

1. Fee and US Visa Forms

The US Consular Electronic Application Center Website can be sued to fill on the application. The DS-160 visa should be filled in fully and can be submitted. The fee required is 160$, i.e. 9900 Indian rupees which can be deposited to a bank or via internet banking. Print the DS-160 confirmation which can be obtained after about 48 hours and keep the barcode safe until you land on the US soil.

2. Appointment One: Photographs and Fingerprinting requirements

You have to make yourself available twice for this process. You don’t need to show confirmed flight and hotel bookings. Look for your appointment time, the first one takes place in VFS USA where fingerprinting will be done. Go there a little before time as everything will be done on a first come first go basis.

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3. Appointment Two: Interview for the visa

This is another crucial factor. No bags, phones or electronic devices can be taken in. it’s better to carry a book so that you are prepared to wait for at least an hour before the actual interview. you will be asked about the purpose of visit, an invitation letter if you have one and your time duration of travel. It’s better to answer everything confidently and truthfully.

4. Documentation

Be on the safe side and carry your invitation letter if you have any. Also, carry the copy of the visa of your relative staying abroad. Also carry along a resume, bank statements, cover letter as well. it is better to get an invitation letter from your relative staying abroad but this is not a factor which will define on you getting the visa.

5. Collecting the passport

After two working days of your successful interview, your passport will be ready for collecting. You can also sing up for email alerts or SMS alerts during the submission of the application, so that you can track if your passport is ready. Collect passport at the VFS USA and you will require valid Indian ID, photocopy of your passport. If you are not available, you can get an authorization letter signed and let someone else collect it.

For getting the visa on arrival access to Central American countries, entry to Georgia as well as e-visa access to Turkey, get a US Tourist bias now. it is hoped that this US Tourist Visa For Indians tips is useful.

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