Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations of Indian Students

India has recently become a major supplier to the international education market with the level of hard work and brilliance that Indian students shower in the international arena. Studying an international course in a foreign country is surely set to set you a few steps forward in your upcoming career. Which destinations are suited best for studying abroad? Which are the top 10 study abroad destinations for Indian students? Read on the find out best countries to study abroad.

10 Best Countries to Study Abroad

1. The United States of America

The USA has been the most sought after abroad destination. Students from other countries to choose the USA as a destination for future studies as the country boasts the best institutions like the Harvard, Princeton, MIT, and Stanford. The subjects most sought after ate Business Management, Engineering, Social sciences, Physical and Life Sciences etc.

2. United Kingdom

Another sought after study destination; it hosts a wide range of scholarships and great universities like GREAT, Rhodes and Commonwealth. Social Sciences, Business management, Engineering, Fine and Applied arts are the most sought after subjects.

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3. Australia

Coming after USA and UK, Australian education system has garnered a good reputation globally. The group of 8 universities which are the research-intensive universities has garnered a lot of attention. Health professions, engineering, mathematics, and computer sciences are the most sought after subjects.

4. New Zealand

It is another major study destination with the University of Auckland and other private training establishments. The subjects of study are business management, engineering, social sciences and math.

5. Canada

Canada has recently seen a lot of increase in the number of international students. The courses like engineering, animation, biotechnology etc. have been the most sought after topics.

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6. Germany

In Europe, it is the most sought after destination. It is one of the top 5 destinations of international students as specified by the UNESCO and is suitable for Indian students too. Humanities is an added attraction of the country.

7. China

China is home to international students flocking over to study medicine related degrees. It boasts high ranked universities and is basically sought after for the studies of humanities. Indian students to find this destination to be closer to home and well recognized around the world.

8. Singapore

Another diverse country, this hyperactive country is another international study destination for Indians. It comprises of subsidiaries of international universities and some of its own. It is also a business hub with career opportunities and has an additional interest in law by international students.

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9. Ireland

It is another student destination and has good universities where Indians go to study too. The post-study employment opportunities are high here and IT is a major subject under study.

10. UAE

UAE attracts a fair number of international students because of its employment opportunities as well as domestic high ranked universities. UAE is also visited upon by hundreds of Indian students who understand the importance of studying in the UAE.

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