Top 10 online Shopping sites in India

Online Shopping in India was considered to be a wary deal, with no security and supposed potential thefts not long ago. However, with the advent of technology, which is slowly creeping into the country. Online portals have been getting more and more attention with the number of customers of online shopping increasing rapidly.

People have now moved on to shopping at the comfort of their Smartphone and this is why given below are the best sites to do your shopping easily from your bedroom.

Top 10 online Shopping sites in India

Online shopping in India has been made extremely popular by this site. Almost all of the online shopping is done via this site which has a variety of products from electronics to home appliances to the best-looking clothes. The number of items in Flipkart is way more than that could be present in a large shopping center according to statistics.

The services of amazon have taken online shopping in India to a whole new level. With its large number or products and its sales being sky high in comparison to Flipkart, it is a recommended choice. But this American company certainly lacks the Desi flair that Indians are so fond of.

This American brand houses the huge number of accessories and clothes and is preferred by female customers. Western wear to Desi wear, get it all here. Jabong is certainly is paradise for shopaholics.

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This Indian site is preferred for his cheap rates and hence has becomes extremely popular amongst the masses. So this site is suitable if you are looking for cheap products with a corresponding quality.

This too is a site dedicated to clothes and accessories fit for women of all shapes and sizes. All types and kinds of products, ranging from the high-end western products to the traditional attire are available easily here.


If you are ready to wait a longer time for a lower price, Homeshop18 is perfect for online shopping in India. Its products range from clothes to electronics to home accessories but it is certainly not suitable to be used in case of an emergency because of its late delivery.

Considered to be a blessing for working women, this shop is dedicated entirely to shopping for groceries. Online shopping in India for groceries with ease can be done in a secure manner over Localbanya.

Mostly dedicated to electronics, this site also offers the chances to shop for accessories, jeweler, clothes, books and a wide range of products, its heavily discounted prices is sure to attract people who are looking for the perfect rates.

Looking for unique things? Go to Infibeam which has the rarest of everything from books to electronics and other range of products. It is yet to increase its sales but is equally popular.

Needless to state, this site is dedicated for shopping international and national products for kids. The choices are limited, but the quality and prices are perfect for busy parents.

Happy shopping people!!


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