Student visa interview: frequently asked questions and answers for the US

Studying in the USA requires a number of procedures to be completed. One of the most important steps included is the student visa Interview. You will need to convince the US government that you are academically and motivationally adequate for pursuing your studies in the USA. A basic idea about the frequently asked questions in the USA student visa interview will give you a better advantage on preparing for your future studies in the USA.

Student visa interview for the US

  • What are your study plans?

The below mentioned questions are the ones that will help the interviewers to understand you and to understand if you are actually interested in pursuing higher education rather than working there.

  1. What degree will you pursue?
  2. Why cannot you continue your education in your home country?
  3. Where are you working right now?
  4. How is this stream of studied related to your previous stream?
  5. Why do you want to continue your educational status?

  • Your choice of University

The choice of the University lets the interviewer shed light on your qualifications as a professional. A higher caliber university is will be regarded better. The questions that can be asked are:

  1. The number of colleges you applied to
  2. Where is your school located?
  3. Have you already been to the USA?
  4. How many schools rejected you?

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  • What are your academic qualifications?

A good capability and capacity including GPA, previous academic qualifications are important considerations. The frequently asked questions on this subject are given below:-

  1. What are your test scores like IELTS, SAT, GRE, TOEFL?
  2. Your GPA?
  3. Why not study in other countries?
  4. Your quality of English?

  • Your financial status

Your financial status to is very important when it comes to applying for an F-1 visa. It is required that you need to be able to finance your education well.

  1. Your monthly income?
  2. The cost of your school?
  3. How will you cover up your costs?
  4. Your bank statements?
  5. Do you have a scholarship from your school?
  6. Your tax returns?

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  • Your plans after graduation

The F-1 visa is granted to those people who have an intention of returning back to their nation after studies. So the most common questions that can be asked about the matter are:

  1. Will you continue working for your current employer after your graduation?
  2. What are your post-graduation plans?
  3. Do you have friends or relatives in the USA? Do you plan to return back to your country?
  4. Are you absolutely negative that you will not return back to the USA?

The most important thing to remember is to remain calm and answer your questions truthfully. All required documents and receipts must be with you when you go for the interview. Honesty is the key to success and so is the case here.

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