Interesting Facts About Shahrukh khan

Considered to be one of the most romantic actors of all time, Shahrukh Khan is a rich Bollywood celebrity with a huge number of fan following in India as well as around the world. He debuted in the industry with Deewana and has been giving huge hits since then. Here are some interesting facts about Shahrukh Khan that you would want to know.

10 Interesting facts about Shahrukh khan

1. He has been named Rahul in nine of his films, Raju in six of his films and he has played a negative role in six of his films.

2. A character which dies. Shahrukh’s character dies in the end in 16 of his movies. Well, he either dies or is reborn. His character is reborn in three if his films including Ra.One, Paheli and Karan Arjun.

3. Versatility runs through his veins. Shahrukh has been the co-producer of movies like Mai Hoon Na, Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express etc. a total of 14 of his films have seen him as the producer.

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4. Out of 226 nominations that he has got across Bollywood Award shows in his lifetime, he has won in a total of 226 movies. The best actor award has gone to his name for a total of 29 times.

5. Not just a big screen personality, Shahrukh has also been known for his work on the small screen. He has been known for his appearances on the TV shows like Fauji and Circus. He ha also been the host of the popular quiz shows including KaunBanegaCrorepati, ZorKaJhatka: Total Wipeout and KyaAapPanchvi Pass Se TezHain?

6. Shahrukh Khan is in love with his palatial bungalow in Juhu, Mumbai, named Mannat. He bought it because he wanted to have an exclusive prayer room according to him. He has also stated that if he went broke, he would sell everything but his home Mannat.

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7. Shahrukh grew up in Bangalore and got a shield from his college Hans Raj for the success he has attained in life.

8. Shahrukh is horse-phobic if there is such a thing!! He also never eats any ice-creams!!

9. JuhiChawla is his partner in crime. The duo has acted together in 11 films together and they are partners in his production house as will.

10. All of the cars owned by Shahrukh has number plates that read 555. He is extremely superstitious about numbers and believes that the right numbers will bring him good luck.

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