Get Free 100 rupees recharge each Month for searching on Bing!

Are you using Bing? If not then start to use from now. Bing is giving its user worth Rs.100 of balance every month. Bing is a web search engine made by Microsoft. Bing provides different other services like Bing mobile, Bing Travel, Bing Maps, etc. Bing is a second largest search engine. Just like a google search engine, Being is also a search engine app which helps to search stuff on the internet. This app is powered by Microsoft. And Microsoft is providing Rs.100 of balance for the Being users and searching on bing.

How to get 100 rupees each Month for searching on Bing?

1.First you should have enough credits to get balance. After getting credits you can convert credits into balance. To earn credits first of all you need to open a link that is given below. Click here to Navigate to Bing Rewards.

2. After opening the link, you just have to login with your Microsoft account. Microsoft account can be created if you don’t have Microsoft account. It is free to create a account and its simple.

3. After you finish creating Microsoft account. You just have to log in to your Microsoft account. Then you can start to search stuffs from Bing. Like google you can search anything you want.

4. Now its time to get credits. To get credits you just have to search things you want in bing. After you start searching stuffs you will receive credits in your Microsoft account. Nothing to do just keep on searching and your Microsoft account will be credited.

5. 3 credits is equal to Rs.1. And you can easily earn 10 credits daily. In one month you will earn 300 credits that means you will earn Rs.100 per month.

You will search many things in your daily life. So Bing helps you in two ways. It will help you to provide what you are searching and it will give you balance also. It is so helpful to us so use it and get free balance.


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