Interesting 10 facts about Salman khan

The mighty Salman Khan has surely become one of the most popular actors in India. No matter what the content or the issue carried by the movie, the mere presence of this talented personality is sure to create a good business for movies released with or under his name. You might know that he is a talented actor. Do you know 10 less known facts about Salman Khan? Read on to find out.

Interesting facts about Salman khan

1. A matter of national concern, Salman Khan was one of the very few actors who made his way into the list of the international People Magazine. He made it in with the title of being one among the most handsome men in the world. Cool deal!!

2. There is a restaurant named Bhai Jaan, opened by the diehard fans of this superstar in his name. It is situated in Mumbai. The restaurant has all of Salman’s favorite dishes and the look of the restaurant is similar to his Bandra residence.

3. Salman does not communicate through emails. This direct and forward personality would rather pick up the phone to speak to someone directly and has no email id attached to his name.

4. A humanitarian, Salman Khan visited with the entire team of his hit movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan, to the Hatluni village situated in Karjat. The team went there in order to paint houses in the village and the villagers were surely more than happy to welcome him.

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5. His fetish for soaps. Salman Khan has his bathroom stacked with soap and uses soaps with natural ingredients like natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

6. His interest in cars fares as well as his interest in soaps. He loves driving the Land Cruisers, Mercedes-Benz as well as BMW’s.

7. He is known for bringing people into the industry. Himesh Reshammiya, Sanjay LeelaBhansali as well as Sajid-Wajid entered the Bollywood industry with the much-needed help from Salman.

8. He wanted to be a writer and is an avid painter too. he wrote some of the scriptings for Baaghi: A rebel for Love, Chandramukhi as well as Veer. His painting skills too are noteworthy and Amir Khan is said to have some paintings of Salman at his residence.

Check also: Interesting 10 facts about Salman khan

9. He suffers from a facial nerve disorder called trigeminal neuralgia. This disorder is also known as suicide disease.

10. Lastly, Salman does not only have a residence in Bandra. He owns properties in Jumeirah Village, Dubai, a farmhouse in Panvel as well as a house in Hydra Towers.

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