Top 10 Richest People in India

Who are the richest people in India as of this year? Who have bagged up the economy of India and who are likely to fall on the Forbes list? Are there any new rich people who have emerged over the past year? Or is the list the same? Check out the 10 richest people in India.

10 Richest people in India

1. Mukesh Ambani

With a net worth of 22.3 billion dollars, Ambani is the richest man not only in India but also in Asia. Born to parents Dhirubhai and KokilbenAmbani, Mukesh is a Chemical Engineer who graduated also from the Stanford University. he started off his business of polyester and petrochemical in the name of Reliance Infocomm Limited and his company now deals with oil, gas and petrochemical sector.

2. Dilip Shanghvi

Dilip has the net worth of 17.5 billion dollars and falls second on the list of top 10 richest people of India. Originally from Gujarat, he is a graduate of the University of Calcutta and he opened up his own company called the Sun Pharmaceutical. Now, he owns a US based company called CaracoPharma and an Israel-based one called the Taro Pharma.

3. Azim Premji

His net worth is 16.5 billion dollars and he is a graduate of the Stanford University. He rebranded his father’s vegetable products company to a microcomputer company called Wipro which is extremely successful.

4. Pallonji Mistry

Mistry has the net worth of 14.7 billion dollars which he has earned by inheritance. He is the successor of his father, who owned the 18.4% shares of the Tata Sons law form which belongs to the rich Tata Group, thus making Pallonji extremely rich.

5. Shiv Nadar

Nadar has the net worth of 12.9 billion dollars and is from Tamil Nadu. He is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer who has created his own business in the name of HCL Technologies which creates electronic products. He is also the founder of the SSN College of Engineering.

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6. Godrej Family

The Godrej Group has the net worth of 11.4 billion dollars and deals with products of cosmetics, real estate, agriculture, engineering, security and much more. Managed by three Godrej men, the company started by selling locks and is a huge conglomerate now.

7. Lakshmi Mittal

His net worth is estimated to be 11.2 billion dollars. He is the member of the board of directors of the firm Goldman Sachs and is the son of a prominent businessman of the Steel Company Nippon DentoIspat, Mohan Lal. Lakshmi is the CEO of ArcelorMittal and has established the LNM Institute of Information Technology.

8. Cyrus Poonawalla

His net worth if 8.5 billion dollars and this personality is a Ph.D. holder who belongs to a family serious about horse races. Chairman of the Poonawalla Group which owns several biotech companies, he is also the owner of Serum Institute which sells vaccines.

9. Kumar Birla

Birla has the net worth of 7.8 billion dollars and is the descendant of a long line of a wealthy businessman. His father was the chairman of the Aditya Birla Group and the group has been handed down to Kumar who turned over the 2 billion dollars company to a 40 billion dollars one.

10. GautamAdani

Adani has the net worth of 7 billion dollars and started his work as a diamond sorter. He moved on to establish a diamond brokerage and later moved on to create his own company called the Adani Group which facilitates gas distribution and coal mining.

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