5 Most popular Cat Breeds In India

One can never own a cat for sure. The underrated intelligence of cats as often made people mistake them for being creatures which are simply cute and furry creatures. They can be found lurking around in your attics, dark alleys or around your house with their cute, romantic eyes and their furry bodies. So which most popular cat breeds in India? Which cat breed would be the best for you? Find out the 5 best cat breeds which will adorn and beautify your house?

Popular Cat Breeds In India

The Persian

The most filmed cat with its photographic eyes and beauty is a film star for sure. Used in Hollywood movies, its white furry hair and deep-set eyes make it very popular also in USA and France. Their feline magic can become yours after you make sure that you attend to them and their fussy nature properly from time to time.

The Maine Coon

Known to be one of the oldest breeds of cats in the history of the earth, they are certainly the most common ones. Their adaptive nature and well-behaved demeanor make them suitable for putting them at home. Their charming attitude and non-fussy behavior are the reasons they are one of the most suitable cat breeds to pet at home.

The Mumbai Cat

With their ancestors being the black cats, they are classified into the British and the American Bombay cats. The Bombay or the Mumbai cats look muscular but are instead very fragile. Their liquid gold like eyes and sheer black body make them a centerpiece of attraction in almost every home. Take good care of them and they will be yours.

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The Siamese

This common breed of South East Asia has a perfect looking furry body. Their slender legs, oval paws, triangular hind legs and triangular face make them the perfect cute little beauties. Their dignified tails and the perfectly pretty looks have to be taken good care of. Like a child, they will actually start crying if you ignore them. So ignoring these beauties is a big no-no.

The Himalayan Cat

If you time to tend for the long fur of these cats, then they are good for you. They can be found in pretty colors like cream, white, lilac, red and brown. Their sharp features make them a good looking breed and the beautiful blue eyes are to die for.

These are the Most popular Cat Breeds In India. Choose the best breed of the above-mentioned cats and adorn your house with these furry beauties as your pets!!

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