15 Interesting Facts about Pokemon Go

You might surely pride yourself on being the Superfan of Pokemon Go. You might also feel that you understand and you know every little detail about Pokemon Go. However, here we present the lesser known and surprising facts that you probably are unaware of. Read on to find out.

Interesting Facts about Pokemon Go

1. While more than two Pokemon Go features cannot be included in a Pokemon, let us consider the combination of 18 possible types of Pokemon into one. Would you consider the combined Pokemon to be invincible right? However, they are not and can easily be defeated by rock type attacks.

2. Mr. Mime can be a girl too, and the name would not actually change. She would still be Mr. Mime.

3. Pokemon might seem to be a high-end Japanese word, but it is not.
The word Pokemon is the mere combination of pocket and monster.

4. Doduo can fly. This fact was revealed in the Pokemon stadium and apparently, Doduo can run really fast and the motion will help it fly.

5. Pokemon names include numbers. Articuno includes the Spanish word for one Uno. Similarly, Sap does and Moltres include two and three, ie. Dos and tres.


6. The original legendary of Pokemon was supposed to be Arcanine. Arcanine was however replaced with Moltres before the game was released. They must surely have regretted the decision as they introduced Entry as legendary in the next edition of the game.

7. Munna was introduced in generation 5. However, it was referenced to in the very first season when a woman dreams about a chunky pink Pokemon which has a floral pattern. Munna was in the mind of the game makers, even way back then.

8. There certainly is an undeniable resemblance between Kabuto and Genesect, giving rise to rumors that Genesect is a modified Kabuto.

9. Azurill is the only gender bender. It can change its gender when evolving into Marill. It has a 1 in 4 chance of doing so.

10. Rumors state that the transforming Pokemon Ditto is a failed attempt in order to create Mew and the fact can be made sure also by the resemblance that Mew and Ditto share.

11. No two Spinda’s are the same. 4 billion unique spot patterns were created by the game developers in order to ensure the uniqueness of each Spinda.
12. The swirl on the stomach of Poliwag actually resembles the swirled intestines of real tadpoles.

13. Meowth and Pikachu are on opposite sides according to the anime. It is because they are made to resemble the cat and a mouse which are opposite. Their Pokedex numbers 52 and 25 are opposite too.

14. The shadow PokemonGengar is considered to be the shadow of Clefable come to life.

15. The PokemonHotmonchan, which is a punching Pokemon, is based on Jackie Chan while the HitmonleePokemon is based on the celebrated Bruce Lee.

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