How to Play Most Popular Pokemon Go in India

You are probably an alien or a liar if you say that you have not heard about the extremely famous Pokémon Go app that is so popular amongst people all across the world nowadays. One of Nintendo’s first smartphone games, Pokemon Go has become viral among players within the very first month of its inception. Living in India? Here’s how to play Pokemon Go in India. Follow the steps and start playing Pokemon go in India.

How to Play Pokemon Go in India?

Get up and Go out

If you try to play the game from the comfort of your office, this is not suited for you. You might find one Pokemon at most while doing so. It is absolutely mandatory for you to get out, plug your headphones and start seeing Pokemons be collected.

Take care of accidents

You and I both can agree to the fact that Indian roads are absolutely terrifying for pedestrians to walk upon. Moreover, with our concentration on the Pokemon Go app, there are 99% chances of you getting into an accident anytime. So don’t play it while walking on the Indian roads. If you want to, play it in the quiet streets around your home. Safety is of paramount concern, more than the chances to find Pokémons.

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Hack Wi-Fi or turn your data on

No internet? No Pokemon Go. Poor internet connectivity in Mumbai has made the game extremely unresponsive. You need a strong internet connection to be able to play the mind-blowing and addictive game. The 2G connection won’t work. You will need a strong 3G connection and you might need to hack some Wi-Fi to be able to play the game outside your home.

Battery drainage

Pokemon Go drains your battery pretty fast. With the requirement of GPS as well as internet access, it sure can be said that the app surely drains a lot of battery, maybe carry some power banks along. One good tip is to play the game in the battery saver mode that can be enabled in the game settings.

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It is a fun game

With all its bad aspects aside, this game is a fun one. The execution of Nintendo is certainly on point and you will find ourselves running around in search of a wild Pokemon. You will get to roam your surrounding areas that you visited never before and may be getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city for some time. The interface of the game is good and you can personalize your Pokemon too. All in all downloading and playing this game is certainly recommended for all kinds of gamers out there.

You can download Pokemon Go from Google play store and iTunes.

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