Interesting facts about Narendra Modi

We all probably know Narendra Modi to be the new face of development after being made the Prime Minister of India. His governance skills and his Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan have earned him a lot of respect and fame. Well, here are some interesting facts about Narendra Modi which you might or might not know.

10 Interesting facts about Narendra Modi

1. Mr. Narendra Modi is a poet by nature. He loves writing poems in the Gujarati language and some book written by him have been published too. He is also an avid photographer.

2. Modi served flood affected people in Gujarat on 1967 and had even offered to serve the soldiers going to way during 1965, Indo-Pak war. He is a patriot since childhood.

3. He has been fond of Hindutva philosophy since a long time now and has lived for 2 years with Yogi Sadhus as a teenager, in the Himalayas.

4. He is a teetotaler. A complete vegetarian, this personality does not smoke or drink at all.

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5. A diplomat and a politician by nature, Modi has completed a three-month course on public relations and image management from the USA.

6. He is not a celibate. He was married once. He was engaged to his wife at the age of 13 and got married to her at 18. He soon parted ways with his wife in order to pursue an itinerant life.

7. The most popular politician in India, Narendra Modi has more than 6 million followers on his Twitter account. He is also the 8th most popular Indian celebrity in twitter.

8. He sleeps only for about 5 hours per day and has stated that he wakes up at 5.30 always.

9. Choose in his clothing, Narendra Modi has a huge wardrobe collection. It has been known that all of his clothes are of the brand Jade Blue which is a textile company based in Ahmedabad.

10. He is an avid follower of people’s opinions. This is yet another interesting fact about him. Unlike other celebrities, he happens to wake up each morning to read what has been written about him by news tabloids. This makes him aware about all the do’s and don’ts he might have to follow in order to create a more positive appeal to the general people.

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