Inshorts Review – News in 60 Words Mobile App

Are you busy? Do you want to stay updated on the latest happenings from around the world but have no time to dwell upon long and boring articles? Want to get just the zest of what is happening around the world in a short description? Are you always on the go? If the answer to all of the above-mentioned questions is a big “YES”, Inshorts – News in 60 Words is the most suitable app’s review (Inshorts review) for you.

Inshorts Review – News in 60 Words

Prepared by professional news editors, the 60 Word format of the news app has been liked and appreciated by a huge number of people across the world. The app developers have already released their web version and it has become equally popular with the fans of their app.

InShorts has managed to become one of the top-rated news apps in Google in a short time. The special features brought forward by the app are the main reason behind it. Created by a student from IIT Delhi, AzharIqbal with his friends DeepitPurkayastha and AnunantArunaw the app has more ratings than the BBC News and the CNN News mobile apps.


Not satisfied with the shortened version of the news? View the whole news article by the original publisher with a swipe. Similar stories to the one you read will be displayed too. Ongoing stories and offline support are its other features. You can personalize your settings to receive notifications, switch between HD or SD images and also activate the Night Mode.

The appearance and layout of this app is unique from the others. The attractive design with one-half of the screen covering the image and the other half covering the 60-word article, makes the news read worthy and interesting. No advertisements are another interesting attribute!! The 14 employees of the app make sure that you have the best experience of news reading.

The only improvement suggested for the app is the inclusion of the options of Low/ Medium and High Notifications and the inclusion of a tutorial about how to use the app. A rating of 8/10 is perfectly suitable for the app which currently has no competitors matching up to its style and has the opportunity to take news reading to a whole new level in the days to come.


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