Best 3 Indian News Apps

The android app market has been paving its way into almost all aspects of human life. The news is an addictive way of being updated about what goes on around the world. Listening to the news is boring!! Interesting graphics and skillful writing, all in the comfort of our very own smartphones, is the new era of News today. Smartphones and Tablets with good internet connection provide the means for gathering information about the happenings from all around the world. What are the best android news Apps for Indians today? How can Indians get connected to everything inside the nation and around the world in the most effective manner? Here we have listed the best android Indian news apps that are worth taking up a small chunk of your mobile memory.

Best 3 Android Indian news apps

1. TOI

It stands for the old and famous Times of India News. It is the official app of the Times of India. It offers the best news reading experience on the go. It will be the best way to keep yourself informed not only about the news from India but from around the world. Other interesting activities that you can embark on anytime and anywhere are the facilities of watching videos, photos as well as live TV anywhere across the globe!!


2. The Hindu News

It is the official app of the respected The Hindu newspaper. This app attracts the visual senses of the viewer with its contemporary and classic design, amalgamated with credibility and authenticity in its journalism. From the years of experience that the newspaper has garnered over the years to the chic design of the mobile app, The Hindu News has it all in the field of journalism. It too can be considered to be one of the best android apps for Indians.

3. Inshorts- News in 60 Words

Inshorts app employs a revolutionary idea to present international and national news in a short 60-word format. In an era where people want everything to be short and sweet, this app offers it all for the inquisitive mind of an average Indian. It offers a personalized approach with options to view the news in English and Hindi and with fewer opinions and more facts; it is one of the most effective News apps for Indians.

It sure can be hoped that all the above-mentioned Top 3 Indian news apps for Indians will meet up with the thirst of knowledge of the people of India and create a better, literate and capable population which will push the country towards development.

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