Husky Dog Breeds Interesting Facts

Husky dog breed was a popular lot and became more so when they were featured as wolves in the famous Game of Thrones series. They look like wolves and are known for their blue eyes and distinctive features. However, they are dogs deep within. Find out the hidden as well as well-known facts about theses adorable species of dog. You will surely love to have one after reading these facts about Husky dog breeds.

Interesting Facts about Husky Dog

  • They are born runners

They are the ideal sled dogs which have the high endurance to cold and can survive a lot on very little food. Siberian Huskies are born runners.

  • Grooming

They need lots of it. Make sure that your vacuum cleaner works well and separate out some time to warm these awesome looking creatures. Lots of hair and lots of shedding should be expected from them.

  • So what keeps them warm?

They come in a multitude of colors and markings but distinctive to this breed is their thick coat.

  • Temperament

They are one of the most wrongly bought breeds, without even giving consideration for their temperament. While they are sweet natured and loving, they can be destructive both inside and out when left unattended. Leashes are essential for this breed of dog, which has a curious nature, nature which might actually be problematic for the owners. Thinking of buying a Siberian Husky? Think first about their features and skills and temperaments, gain some knowledge and specialized people to give it to you. Only then should you buy this wonderful breed of dog.

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  • Caring for the Siberian Husky

They need to be exercised almost 60 minutes daily, to keep them from being bored and un-intelligent. They should, however, be kept away from the hot weather. So, remember that they need to be work to be happy.
Other interesting Husky dog breed facts:

1. They were originally used in Alaska for racing competitions

They are considered to be superior sled dogs and were introduced and used as racers in the second year of the All Alaska Sweepstakes Race in the year 1909, making them popular amongst the general public. However, make sure not to take them out on a walk without a leash as they can run after people and small animals.

2. They saved a group of people in Alaska

They ran miles and brought medicine to the people affected from diphtheria in Alaska.

3. They are not great watchdogs.

They howl but seldom bark and do not inform you of people coming into your house.

4. The army used them

Army during the World War 2 used them as search and rescue dogs.

5. Yes they are related to wolves

They share their DNA with the gray wolf but have evolved separately from their wild cousins for the past thousands of years.

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