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In our daily day to day life we use calendar for many purpose. We use it to see date, days, months, years, etc. As we know there are different calendar in the world different calendar based in different things. All calendars are used by different religions and different peoples. Hindu calendar is a calendar which is used by Hindu.

This calendar includes of Kannada calendar, Punjabi calendar, Nepali calendar, Tulu calendar, Vikrama Samvat Tamil Calendar etc. This entire calendar has names of twelve months which are same in many regional Hindu calendars. All these names of Hindu calendar are based in Sanskrit.

This Hindu calendar was derived from Gupta era in the 5th to 6th century. We have calendar in house but if have to see calendar while travailing or going to another place then what to do? So, we have got some apps for you to see calendar in your mobile if you are out of you home whenever or wherever you want.

Hindu Calendar: 

This calendar will show you the Tithi, Paksha and all important Hindu festivals. We can get daily viewer where we can see about Paksha, Tithi and festivals of the day. You can also see the list of festivals that are yet to come. It will help to those women who keep fasting in many occasions. This app will help you know the day and you can keep fasting.

Hindi Calendar 2016: 

This app has a high quality of monthly images which allows you to view Vaaram, Maasam, Nakshatram and Thithi for all days in the year 2016 in Hindi. This app will help you to select any month by clicking left or right arrow buttons. This app is very simple and easy to use. This app will display all the list of festivals in Hindi for the every month so you can know the date, days, and what festivals are on that day.

These are the apps that will help you to see you all dates, month, festivals, etc. It will also helps you to find the best day for different things like marriage, Bartavandan, etc. It will also help you to be ready and be preparing for all the upcoming festivals. It is all free apps and it is easy to use. If you are not able to plan for your day to day life it will helps you. So download for free and use it.

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