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Who doesn’t like a good joke? Laughter knows no limit and can be shared with everyone despite age and gender. Whether you are bored and want to pass your time, or if you are one of those people who likes making people laugh by telling them the best jokes available, you will surely love the Hindi Jokes Apps mentioned below, which will leave you laughing out loud.

Hindi Jokes Latest

This app is known best for its simple yet classy design and its ease of use. With a huge number of categories available, this app has established itself as one of the leading Hindi Jokes apps amongst the Indian audience.

Find joke for every occasion and for every person. Categories include husband wife jokes, Santa Banta jokes, Sardar Jokes, Doctor Patient Joke and many more categories to suit your needs.

Another ease offered by this app is that the jokes can be shared easily with just one click away. You have the option to share the app on Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger as well as Twitter. With new categories being added every day, this app is a suitable retreat for people of all ages.


Rajnikant v/s CID Jokes

With the advent and popularity of the website, the Rajnikant v/s CID fraternity has also opened up an app that provides viral content as much as the website does. The franchise started with sharing humor on Facebook and has grown its market all across India.

The Facebook page in itself became extremely popular within months of its startup due to the extremely humorous stories and posts that it shared. After the success of the page, a website was opened up after four years of this Facebook journey, on the 10th of October 2014. The website too gained widespread acclaim and the app was started up in August 2015.

The site has obtained ravishing reviews and is the perfect time pass routine for an average Indian. With its funny content, unparalleled to any, it is a perfect destination for avid joke lovers. Be sure to get the same amount of humor and fun as the Facebook page once provided. Categories of jokes and regular updates make it a perfect go-to app for joke lovers.

Share laughter and happiness, share jokes and have fun each day with the apps mentioned above. Download the apps and start your journey to more happiness and laughter in the days to come!!

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