Highest paying jobs in the United Arab Emirates

UAE has been ranked as the top country where the salary expectations are the highest. It has now been known to be one of the most stable economies in the Middle East thus attracting a huge number of job searchers from all over the world. Dubai is the top cosmopolitan city according to a recent study and annual salary offered by the country is huge. Moving to the UAE? Read on to find the highest paying jobs in UAE’s.

Highest paying jobs in the UAE

1. CEOs

With a huge chunk of industries starting up every day, CEO is an attractive paying job in Dubai. The average payment is about DH 70,000- DH 150,000. A postgraduate degree in the relevant field and some experiences are best suited.

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2. C-suites

These include the like of Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Risk Officer and much more. The salary ranges from DH 70,000 to DH 150,000 and a postgraduate degree with some experience in the field will be noteworthy.

3. Engineers

These might include the likes of engineering manager, construction manager, power plant manager and much more who are paid in the salary range Od DH 23,000 to DH 70,000. A combination of relevant degrees and experience will help you land the job.

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4. Finance and Banking

More and more banks are opening in the UAE each day and this will help Banking and Finance Manager, Audit Manager, Finance Director Etc. to earn the salary range between DH 28,000 to DH 85,000.

5. Sales, Marketing and Advertising

These might include the likes of advertising creative director, executive director and much more. The average salary range might include DH 35,000 to DH 68,000 and degree amalgamated with experience will help you land the job.

6. Technology related jobs

These might include the likes of Development Manager, Enterprise Architect, Director of Information Technology etc. they are paid in the salary range of DH 33,000 to DH 75,000 and a combination of relevant degree and skills as well as experience are what can help you land the position.

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Also, there are some highest paying managerial job positions in the UAE which might include.

  • Sales Manager (DH 30,000)
  • IT Manager (DH 35,000)
  • Legal Manager (DH 55,000)
  • Engineering Manager (DH 40,000)
  • Production Manager (DH 30,000)
  • Construction Manager (DH 45,000)
  • Audit Manager (DH 43,000)
  • HR Manager (DH 27,000)
  • Operations Manager (DH 33,000)
  • Corporate Communications Manager (DH 31,000)
  • Power Plant Manager (DH 45,000)
  • Network Manager (DH 30,000)

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