Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has recently sprung out as a destination for skilled professionals because of the good job opportunities it offers to foreigners. The economic condition which is bettering each passing day as also led Saudi Arabia to be a dream destination for many. Competition is huge and this is where you need to understand the career path you can choose, in order to understand the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia. Read on to find out.

Top Highest Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

1. Petroleum Engineers

As a country totally dependent on petroleum products the demands of a petroleum engineer are never fulfilled in Saudi Arabia. Facilities such as accommodation, medical treatment, transport, bonus, as well as return ticket, are given along with the monthly salary range of 80,000 dollars per month. So, it’s one of the best and highest paying jobs in Saudi Arabia.

2. Medical Professionals

This is another respected profession and Saudi Arab with the monthly salary range of 34,000 dollars per month. The facilities like allowances, transport facility, 2-month leave, fringe benefits etc. are other important attractive factors.

3. CEO/ Managing Director

With thousands of multinational and local companies opening each hour, CEO/ Managing Director posts are vacant almost always. The monthly salary range of 30,000 dollars is offered to people with an MBA or CA degree.

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4. Banking/ Finance Industry/Accounting

Thousands of banks and hundreds of companies require some kind of account person and hence this is another high paying job with a monthly salary range of 16,000 dollars. Allowances like house rent, traveling etc are common too.

5. Construction Project Administration

As one of the major exporters all around the world, brick, cement and other kinds of infrastructure are required a lot. Construction of several projects calls upon civil engineers, site supervisors and other personnel with a monthly salary range of 13,000 US dollars usually.

6. Information Technology Industry

IT is getting better and more advanced in each country around the globe and Saudi Arab is no exception. 11,000 dollars monthly salary is the range offered with several other facilities.

7. Designers and Developers

Any kind of company/ organization requires some advertisement and hence designers and developers are on demand. The monthly salary range is about 10,000 dollars per month.

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8. English Literature Teachers

The native language of Saudi is Arabic and hence they require English teachers for making their people fare better in the outside world. The monthly salary offered to English teachers is about 6000 US dollars and the demand is very high with good facilities.

9. Sales/ Marketing

Private and multinational companies require the marketing and sales personnel to be able to give their products the push they require. The monthly salary range for their kinds of people is about 5000 dollars.

10. Property Advisors and Consultants

A construction based country; Saudi Arab is always on the need of property advisors as well as consultants before the start-up of a new business. This job will pay you about 4000 dollars per month with several facilities.


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