How to Get Government Job After Engineering

A government job is an extremely safe and secure as well as a monetizing way to do the work you love. Millions of Indians are searching for ways to get government job that will make their future more secure. How to get government job after engineering? Which engineering fields will help you easily get a government job and in what sectors? Read on to find out.

How to Get Government Job After Engineering?

1. Electrical Engineering

One of the core branches of engineering, electrical engineering will provide a huge number of chances to get a government job. State Electricity Board jobs, Indian Navy, DRDO(Defence Research and Development Organization), BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), Indian railways etc are in a constant search for qualified electrical engineers always.

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2. Mechanical Engineering

This is another traditional and core branch of engineering which has a lot of career prospects for getting a government job in India. The departments in need of mechanical engineers include the likes of PWD( Public Works Department), Indian Railways, Indian Army, BHEL, Indian Air Force, DRDO etc.

3. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering has emerged as one of the most important subjects in this era. This tough course is all worth it as you can find government jobs in Fertilizer Corporation of India, ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited), Drug department, Indian Oil Corporation, Government managed refineries, DRDO, and much more such organizations.

4. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering can be considered of one of the most required faculties of engineering in the world and so is the case in India. There is always something to build! The job areas where one can get a government job easily includes the likes of Town Planning Office, PWD (Public Works Department), Indian Railways, Government sponsored Building projects, NHAI (National Highways Authority of India State) etc.

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5. Electronics and Communications engineering

Considered as one of the most difficult subjects in the engineering sector, it can be said that it has become the base for all kinds of electronic gadgets and services in the world. with the same case in India, ECE can help you land government jobs in the Indian Navy, Indian Army, BSNL, DRDO etc.

6. Biotechnology

This field will help you land government jobs in Forensic Department, DRDO as well as main government-funded research projects.

7. Petroleum Engineering

Government organizations such as ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited), Indian Oil Corporation, Government operated Refineries, etc.are always in search of petroleum engineers which are less in number in India.

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8. Agricultural Engineering

As a country dependent too much on agricultural engineering, this is yet another subject of importance in India. The major area that can be used to find a job in the agriculture sector is the Departement of Agriculture.

9. Dairy Technology and Engineering

People who have studied this subject tend to get government jobs in the Dairy Development Department in respectable positions.

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