Free recharge mobile apps in India

Today we all are using smartphones and can get thousands off the app in the app store for our smartphones. Different apps are used for different uses. But there are some apps that give you a free recharge or talk times for your mobiles. It’s easy to get a balance from apps. You just have to install the app and use it. Your mobile will automatically have some balance. For free recharge lets start to use these apps and have balance. No need to worry is safe to use.

Free recharge mobile apps in India

  • Ultimate FreeB App

This is an app which gives you free balance. To get recharge you have to complete some task that is given here. tasks are just simple you just have to watch videos or open some links. After you finish the given task you will earn Balance for your smartphones.

  •  Amulyam

It was a first Indian app to give a free recharges on ad-viewing. It gives recharge when you install the app when are listed in this app. It also gives you recharge if you invite friends from this app.

  • AppTrials app

This app provides you recharge if you try a new app from here. You will get recharge if you download the app, share it and inviting friends to use it. Its helps you to recharge your postpaid and prepaid sim of any carrier in India. You can also convert your PayUmoney points and use free money to pay your bills, online shopping, etc. It is the oldest app in the market.

  • POKKT (Pocket Money App)

It is easier to use this app. You just have to install this app and watch videos or downloading other apps. You can also invite friends to use this app and you can earn recharges by inviting your friends too. If you use post-paid sim you can also recharge prepaid sim.

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  • Cash Boss App

Its give you Rs.25 if you invite your friend to use this app. It also gives you recharge if you download the apps from this app. There is no limit you can earn as much as you can. And it’s unique from other apps.

  • TaskBucks App

It is also like other apps which give you recharge by downloading apps.It also pays if you visit the website of taskBacks app. It also gives Rs.25 if you invite your friends to use this app.

  • Earn Talktime app

Earn Talk time app which helps you to earn money or credits by downloading apps or inviting friends to use this app. It is one of the oldest and stable apps for getting a recharge.

  • Joy App

It is an app which helps to get free recharge like others app. You just have to install this app no need to register. Open this app and invite friends and download apps to earn recharge.

  • mCent

It is a newer app in India but this app was from a long time in the global market. It gives you the bonus for sing up, inviting friends and by downloading apps. Many free android apps are available in this app.

  • FreePlus App

This app gives you recharge by downloading apps or by viewing adds. You just have to install this app and login with your email id. Invite your friends and earn recharge for yourself. All these apps are free and easy to use. Download these apps invite friends, view ads and earn recharge.

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