Free calling apps for android without internet

Nowadays we can call in Facebook,  Viber, WhatsApp etc, but we can only call it when both people are online. But now we have got four free calling apps for you to call in mobile or in landline even when you have no internet connection. You just have to install this app and it’s ready to call or chat for free.

Free Calling Apps


Bigo is an app from where you can make a call without any charges. You can call to anyone from this app who do not have this app too and without the internet. You just have to install this app to your Smartphone and it’s ready you can call anyone anywhere and anytime. This is the best app for the free call. We can call even when there is no internet.

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This app also helps you to call free. To call from Libon both person who is calling and who is receiving the call should be instilled this app. By installing this app you can make an unlimited call and unlimited chat with whom you want.


Nanu is a new app it also helps to make a free call. Like Libon app to call from Nanu, both people should have to install this app. To call the caller should have 2G, EDGE, 3G, 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi access, but the call does not need an internet connection. Just install this app and you can make a call.

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It helps you to make free calls to local and long distance from your smart phone, or local and long distance calls from the web at low rates. You can also make a call to those who does not have this app over Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G networks. This app does not need any cost for calling it’s all free.

This all apps will help you to save your money and you can call anyone from where there is no internet. This is the best free app it needs no cost for calling. Install and have fun.


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