Best 5 Fitness mobile apps

All of us want to be fit and healthy every day, but it is not so easy to stay fit and healthy in this busy lifestyle. So for this busy lifestyle we have got you some apps that can help you to get fit and healthy. This app not only helps you to manage your time for your workout but also helps you to manage your diet plans and sleep cycles. You can also share these apps with your friends and family.

Obino Weight Loss & Health App

This app will helps you to lose your weight and remain healthy. It helps you to lose your your weight and remain healthy in natural process. No need of pills, gadgets, creams or any workout routines. It focuses on a healthy diet and light activity like walking and to control your food which makes you more active. All this process helps you to good health and loss your weight permanently. You can lose 3 kg per month with the help of this app. It is easy to use this app.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

It is the popular app for losing your weight and remaining healthy. It is a free app. It will track your diet and helps you to exercise in less than 5 minutes a day. It will track all your major nutrients and helps to calculate your diet and show your progress reports. To use this app you just have to download the app and tell about yourself and it will create your personalized diet and exercise program for you. You can connect with your friends so that you will motivate each other. It will show your daily progress chart.

HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach

This app will help to set you a goal for weight loss, exercise more and eating healthy. This app will builds a tailored program to make you healthy. This app will also track your calorie by login your exercise activities and diet. It helps you to lose your weight easily. It will track to monitor your walks, runs, etc.

Noom Healthy Weight Loss Coach

This app will helps you to follow the things that you are doing in the app and set program to your specific health goals. It will give you tasks to follow which is easy for you to do each day. You can track your food, weight, and blood pressure exercise and blood glucose.


This app will show you many types of workout or exercise for different muscles of your body. This apps will help you to select a specify part of your body and workout for that part of your body. You will find many exercise for free hand and machine based exercises.

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