Expense Manager mobile app

Are you one of those people who earn money and don’t know where you spend it, and searching for expense manager app? Do you want to track your expenses and keep and record of your income and saving? You will be ecstatic to note that Expense Manager mobile app is the best tool suited for the purpose. This expense and the budget tool is a simple and feature rich app dedicated to managing your money more efficiently with more saving.

Features of Expense Manager mobile app

With no hidden features, Expense Tracking provides the features of split transaction where you can record all items in a single transaction depending on the category and amount. You will get the general idea about your recurring expenses and income and open multiple accounts. Track your receipt picture, mileage, debts, tax, credit card and bank SMS parsing easily.

Organize your bills by the week, month or year format and be happy in the option to schedule your payments. Payment alerts will make sure that you won’t forget your important payment dates. Other features involved in the Expense Manager app are daily, weekly and monthly budget and summary.

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Search and Report everything by category, status, payment method, description, and subcategory. You can also export or import your account activities and email the reports for printing purposes. The data of the app will be backed up easily in Dropbox, SD Card as well as in Google Drive. There also are convenient tools like the calculator, tip calculator, loan calculator, currency converter, note, interest calculator, credit card calculator as well as a shopping list which makes your expense tracking easier than it ever was.

For a personalized expense management, you can easily customize the color of the background, action bar and buttons. Customization of the required language, payment method, category and subcategory, date format, tags etc. make the use of this app much easier. Multiple currencies are supported for everyone who earns foreign revenue too.
All in all, this app has all the unbeaten features of an extremely efficient Expense Management tool. It comprises of several widgets and PIN Protection makes the use of this app extremely secure.

You won’t require any kind of registration or internet access and this easy to use, the personalized app has managed to win the hearts of millions across India who have reviewed it positively. It’s compatible with almost all kinds of smart devices and can be used without the threat of loss of data. This will surely make your expense tracking easier. Save some money and manage your expenses easily with the comfort of your phone, download the Expense Manager app now.

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