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Are you struggling with English? Do you want to find the meaning of some English words in Hindi? Are you a vocabulary freak who tends to know the meaning of every single word you come across? Are you a student of English language? Are you a new learner of the English language? If you have nodded your head to any of the above-mentioned questions, you must download English Hindi dictionary as soon as possible. We have mentioned the most suitable ones below. Feel free to choose one and star your movement towards being a perfect linguist in the English language.

English Hindi Dictionary by HinKhoj

As the name suggests, it is English to Hindi and a Hindi to English translator as well as a dictionary. Developed by HinKhoj, this app has millions of English and Hindi words to choose from. Use to a definition, antonyms and synonyms provided to expand your knowledge further on the word. Sentences have been provided for easy learning. Learn how to pronounce the words correctly using the audio.

Other exciting features put forward by this app are the functionality of word of the day alert. Play awesome word games like a cross word, hangman and scrabble. Efficiently and effectively translate the Hindi words to English and vice versa.


This app can also be used as a learning app for children who can learn the names of fruits, vegetables, and other things easily. Also, grammar usage of the word along with examples of difficult words makes it a proper English learning tool.

This app’s user interface and the translation community it has created, which helps you connect with other avid English learners makes it a perfect go-to site for English learning.

English Hindi Dictionary by BAPPI

This dictionary allows the search of both English and Hindi words and that too offline! Enter the word in the Internet Browser or other applications, simply select the sharing option, select Hindi Dictionary and you are good to go. Find the Hindi meaning of difficult English words with ease.

This learning tool is also provided with MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) to help you learn the language of English more effectively. Autosuggestion is another attribute of ease and it also has the speech to text feature. Auto Search can be turned off by low profile mobile handsets. Other features include translations, search from the web, antonym and synonyms, copy and share words and pronunciation tool. Download for free and learn English with ease!!

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