Best 5 earn TalkTime apps in India

MCent: MCent is an app that helps you to download other apps from here. By downloading apps from here you will get free airtime on your mobile phone. It is easy to use. You should download this app and register with your mobile number. Then after it will show you some new apps which are also helpful to us. You will be reward with free airtime if you download and try their apps. You can invite your friends or share with your friends to earn Talktime on the app.  more.

Mojo: Mojo is free which helps you to recharge. It will help you to earn free talk time. To earn recharge you just have to download and open the apps which are mentioned inside the Mojo app. Just download the apps which are inside Mojo app to earn more recharges.

You can also get a gift voucher from Myntra, amazon or flip-kart. Just download some apps and get recharges as a reward. You can also earn recharge by inviting your friends. If your friends download this app and if they will be active again you can earn recharge for you.

Free Talk time: It is free to download. You should look for the offer walls there you can find some points which you can convert into cash. In this app, you can take cash out by going to payout area. This app has got two options either you can get free gift vouchers or you can take a free recharge.

By inviting your friends to use this app you can get free talk time. You can get unlimited free talk time by inviting your friends. This app has some task after finishing that task you will get free points which help you to do free recharges.

Amulyam: It’s an Indian’s first website for free mobile recharge. With the help of this app, you will get free recharge quickly after installing apps. There are many offers to do. You can invite your friends or complete the offers then your account will get a recharge. It is so simple to earn recharge from this app.

Free Mobile Recharge: Free Mobile Recharge is the app which provides you recharge to your mobile up to Rs. 200 daily. You can also earn the balance from downloading or inviting your friends to use this app. It is an Indian’s biggest app to provide free recharges. Invite your friends or complete offers and you will get minimum recharges of Rs. 10. You will get recharge if you install this app directly.


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