Download Nanu App and Make Free Call without Internet

Nanu free calls for everyone is a communication-based app created by This app provides truly free calls even in 2G or congested networks to anyone across the world. Stay connected with your loved ones in other countries through the Nanu app. Speak freely and send messages for free.

The best features of this useful app is that it provides clear and crisp calls internationally even in the presence of 2G networks or in cases of congested networks. Also provided are the chances to use the unlimited free app to app calls as well as messages. Another added feature of Nanu which makes it so popular is the fact that it consumes 80% fewer data than other apps of VoIP so that you can easily maximize your data plan and stay connected to your loved ones.

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After selecting the relevant country code you can simply dial the required number in order to make a call with the Nanu app. This app can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store for Android. The app is also free to download and does not require paying any charges. After installing the app on your device, you can simply start calling and stay connected to your loved people around the world.

What are the requirements for placing a call on the Nanu app? For out calls from the Nanu, the caller requires having a WiFi access or 2G, EDGE, 4G, TG/LTE etc. Internet connection is not mandatory for the call recipient. For a Nanu-Nanu call service, however, the internet connection is mandatory for both parties. You will also get credits depending upon the number of referrals you provide and on every new installation. Download the app and reap the benefits of free calling services right now!!


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