10 amazing facts about American President Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an American Businessman and most famous person in this time. He is a 45th President of the United States of America. Here are some of the amazing facts about Donald Trump which you don’t know about him.

10 amazing facts about Donald Trump

  • Three wives:

It is a bit difficult to believe that he has three wives but it is true. They are, Ivana, Marla and current spouse Melania Trump. Trump marries Czechoslovakia –native Ivana in 1977. She also handled the executive position in Trump’s Castle Hotel and Casino. He has three children from her. In 1993 he got married to a model of Georgian native Marla Maple. He gives divorce to her and also gave her $1 million. Again in 2005, he married Melania. Melania is a Slovenian-born model. He has also one child from Melania.

  • ‘Violent Assault’ on Ex-wife

During the divorce between Ivana and Trump in 1951, Ivana accused him of ‘raping’ her. Ivana described a harrowing scene in which she said that Trump pulled her hair, held arms back and raped her.

  • Trump Yacht

Donald Trump had a yacht previously. The yacht was 86 meters long which named as Trump Princess. Trump sold this yacht to Saudi Arabia Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal al Saud. Now it is named as Kingdom 5KR. He sold this yacht to pay his bankruptcy debt.

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  • Trump Vodka

Donald Trump has launched his own Dutch-made vodka in 2007. This is the largest vodka distributor in the U.S. The Trump winery is located near Thomas Jefferson Monticello in Virginia, which acquires 1,300 acres of land. This is the largest winery in East Coast.

  • Trump never tried his Own Vodka

It is true that he has not tried his own vodka as well as others. It sounds strange but according to his personal doctor, he has no history of ever using alcohol or any tobacco products. This may be a reason he always blames Hilary Clinton as an unhealthy person to be President of America.

  • Trump Palace

The Donald Trump palace is a 55 story house. It is the tallest building on the Upper East Side. As the tallest building on the Upper East Side, Trump Palace offers magnificent views from its many balconies.

In 2006 a controversy was created when it establishes 10×4.5 foot Kiosk in front of the Wrigley Building that advertised Trump tower a full block way. Such types of kiosk were not allowed at that time. And their desirability was questioned. There is also no any requirement to file the annual return of public disclosure of director and shareholder according to government officials.

  • 67,000 thousand new followers per month

Donald Trump has around 67,000 following on Twitter per month. He seems to be quite aware of the significance of social media in campaigning. Trump and his man are also too much busy in Twitter. He sends approximately 372 Tweets a month.

  • Trump loves Golf

Donald Trump is fond of golf. He owns 16 holes high-end golf courses around the world and he plays golf regularly. The Golf course has become synonymous with Trump brand experience.

  • Serious Real Estate

When Donald Trump was just 27 he owned 14,000 apartments. He has built almost singlehandedly. Donald Trump has designed a billion dollar empire with his name branded on luxury properties to identify them as a symbol of wealth.

  • Net Worth

According to Donald Trump, he worth $10billion but according to Forbes, he is worth $4.5 billion. So it remains controversial.

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