Most Popular 10 Dog Breeds in India

Dogs are a man’s best friend. This is not just a proverb but the universal truth. That is exactly why you must own a dog. Confused about which dog breed would suit best for your house? The search for your best friend is over. Read along to known the kind of dog breeds suitable for you.

Best Dog Breeds in India

Indian Pariah

They are the very first domestic dogs and are known better as Deshi Kukur. These social, alert breeds are pretty easy to pet; they are territorial, social, modest eaters, active and clean themselves pretty well. Their life expectancy is over 15 years they rarely fall sick. They can adapt to the Indian weather perfectly and are perfect cheap dogs.

Labrador Retriever

These handsome looking dogs have a sturdy body and an endearing nature. They are family dogs who are also welcoming to strangers they are easy to train, have high energy levels so they need proper exercise. They are well suited for a high energy family who can exercise with it and groom it regularly.


They are kind of rare in India but their cute wrinkly faces make up for all the money you have to spend on them. They are loyal and friendly creatures with the incredible ease to pet. Avoid over feeding them and make them active every day for best results. They are robust dogs with the perfect cute looks for families with children.

German Shepherd

One of the best choices of dog breeds is German Shepherd too. Also called Alsatians, they are best suited as guard dogs. They are used particularly by the military but can be trained well for houses too. They are energetic, agile, strong, socialized and safe with children. Poorly socialized German shepherd might get nervous and cause trouble, so socializing them well is important.

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Golden Retriever

These sturdy, well-proportioned dogs with a water repellant coat are pretty easy to pet. They are high energy dogs requiring exercise. Their intelligence makes them suitable for a search and rescue dog and they have a gentle temperament which makes them suitable for children but not as guard dogs.


They are muscular dogs with a guard dog like nature which cannot be joked around with. Training and proper socialization skills are important to make them well suited for a household. They are friendly with insiders and suspicious to outsiders. They sense bad intentions pretty well and are confident dogs.


These lively dogs with a keen sense of smell have a short height and are suitable for owners with smaller homes. They are traveling friendly, robust and require less food to thrive. They require less exercise to remain healthy and happy but they should not be allowed to become overweight.

Saint Bernard

Their powerful build is contrasted by their gentle personality. Loyal, willing to please and obedient dogs, the Saint Bernard are amazing to watch dogs with a keen sense of smell. They require some exercise and regular grooming is required for them. They also require some level of training.

Doberman Pinscher

They are called dogs with a human brain for their intelligence. They have a slender frame, protective instincts and are easy to train. A quick brushing, once per week is suitable for them and they can push away intruders with their fierce looks and loyal nature.


They are particularly small dogs but are sturdy too. They have a lot of furs which needs constant grooming. They require very little exercise and can be kept by people living in apartments. They are watch dogs but not guard dogs and their good looks make them extremely popular.

These are the best and top 10 dog breeds in India. Which type of dog is your best? Share us your feeling with freely.


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