Cheap international calls apps

We are in constant need of staying connected to our loved ones. A chat or a message is not as efficient as the mere phone call and the chance to listen to the voice of a loved one staying in some other country. For calling your loved ones staying abroad, or to call back home from the country you are in, use the Cheap International Calls app to save money and talk more! The app with the same name has been created by several creators but we have made it a point to list out the best three Cheap International Calls app.

Best 3 Cheap international calls apps

1. Cheap International Calls by Rebtel

This app enables us to make internet free international calls to mobile phones as well as landlines without the chances of bad reception or dropping of calls. 5 minutes of free calling are granted to every new Rebtel User and 5 dollar free credits are added to your balance for every new person you invite.

The cheap as hell service with low rates, stable phone lines are the main features offered. You can make internet free and unlimited calls to Rebtel Users all around the world using the Call Rebels feature. This will only cost about 1$ per month.

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2. Cheap International Calls by Nymgo SA

With its amazing voice quality and cheap rates, this app is another cool must have software installed on your mobile phone. You do not need to sacrifice the voice quality and can place calls in countries like Brazil, Bangladesh, India, Poland, Romania Russia and uncountable more.

This app is perfectly suited for people who travel abroad. Save your money on international calls. No roaming fees are required and the calling services are as good as free. Support is constantly provided by the creators through

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3. Cheap International Calls by Free International Calls App, Ltd

Also known as Mobu, this app is the best calling app for saving money and making international calls. Call anywhere in the world at lower rates and get free credit from the offers given by the app. This app is cheaper as compared to the others and you will also be given some free welcome bonus.

It does not only allow free calls to people with the same app but also has the features of getting credit and making international calls for free. Call rates are 30% cheaper and the voice quality of will surely not be compromised.

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