Cheap international Calling Apps to India

Are you fed up of paying too much money calling your near and dear ones through landline or mobile phones? Do you feel crazy as hell when you need you spend almost half of your money talking with your relatives, friends or dear ones? Then, here is a completely simple solution to get rid of these problems. Here are 5 cheap international calling Apps to India. These apps are cheap and easy to use.

Best 5 Cheap international calling apps to India

1. Rebtel Cheap international calls

This is one of the most popular international calling apps. That lets you make internet free international calling calls to both landlines and mobiles. This will connect you through the real phone lines that mean you do not need an internet connection for using it. This app provides the stable phone lines so that you don’t have to worry about call dropping. Rebel calls are unlimited and internet free calls which you can call your near ones without any problems.

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2. Ringo: International calls

This is a very popular app that is used widely in the world for calling people in India. The app is offered by Riva which is a local calling app. This app gives a better experience for calling your friends and relatives. Though this is a local calling app you will experience international calling system.

3. Vonage Mobile® Call Video Text

This is an app offered by Vonage that gives you ultra low- cost international calling rates. You can also enjoy free texting and group messaging in this app. Not only this, you can even enjoy free calls and free video chats using Vonage worldwide. This is 90% cheaper than any other apps. There is proper arrangement of leaving a video message when the receiver does not receive the phone.

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4. Nymgo – Cheap international calls

This is software that lets you calls from computer to mobile phones or landline using the internet. This is an awesome app that provides very good voice quality phone calls. This app is a perfect way to minimize the call cost with the best voice quality. You can also enjoy the SMS system in this app.

5. RingtoIndia

This is another user-friendly app where you can make international calls or calls to India at the lowest price ever. This app is best known for its finest quality. The calls can be done through wi-fi, 3g or any local access numbers. The service provided by this app is so best that you will never experience call delays or call drops. This app works perfectly on every phone.

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