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Chanakya was the professor of political science and economics at the ancient Takshashila University and was a royal advisor too. This hugely talented, ancient personality was the manager of the Maurya Emperor Chandragupta and helped him rise to power. Traditionally identified as Vishnu Gupta, he has authored the Arthasastra and his teachings are beyond doubt worth more than the book on economics present today. Called the pioneer of economics and political science, his teachings are extremely useful for all kinds of economic enthusiasts today. Where can you get this priceless knowledge? Download one of the apps (ChanakyaNiti) mentioned below and be blessed with the huge amount of knowledge available about Classical Economics.

ChanakyaNiti in Hindi by SahityaChintan

This app is suitable for reading all the priceless information about ChanakyaNiti in the comfort of your Smartphone. The ease and accessibility of this app, amalgamated with the huge amount of necessary information it gives about classical economics, makes this a must have app.

It uses up a very low chunk of your memory and can be accessed without the internet at any time in any place and under every circumstance. Widen your knowledge of classical economics and apply it in your daily life. Read the real facts put forward by the great Chanakya and better your life with the knowledge. This app is a haven for those interested in the ChanakyaNiti.

ChanakyaNiti (Hindi) by APPSILO

This app comprises of 17 chapters written by the extremely talented Chanakya. These Nitis, written thousands of years ago and those which are still applicable to this century, have been selected with care to give you the best experience of understanding human nature and economics in the comfort of your smartphone. The Nitis were originally written in Hindi but have been translated into Hindi for easy reading by Indian enthusiasts.


The major attributes of this app are its ease of access and efficiency of use. The clean and clear interface makes reading a better experience. The topics have been selected carefully for a proper study and research so that all that is learned is actually applicable to real life. The font is a clear Hindi font. Readability is best and there are no problems with the display and design.

The ChanakyaNiti was surely written several centuries ago. However, they still have the same amount of clarity of the economics and politics and are still applicable today. Be ahead of your counterparts by knowing it all and download the apps to understand the ChanakyaNiti with ease.

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