5 Popular Websites to Buy Cheap Domain Names

Almost every business, every brilliant idea, and every organization have been resolved into websites with different domain names nowadays. With a wide range of websites on the go being created in order to buy domain names, it is almost impossible to figure out the best and the most popular websites to buy cheap domain names in this era. A brilliant idea surely needs a personal TLD (Top Level Domain).

It has to be noted that same domain host for domain registration is the trend nowadays. However, it is better to get the best individually and is hence better to get a domain host and a domain registrar separately. This certainly reduces the chances of being hacked. Choosing a perfect website for domain hosting must ensure a balance of price, support, and services. For your ease, below mentioned are the best 5 websites for cheap domain registration.

Buy Cheap Domain Names

  • GoDaddy.com

True to its name it is the daddy of all domain registrars and rightfully so. After a major failure back in 2012, they have braced themselves up and have become the most sought after domain registration website. There surely are hidden prices that make it a bit skeptical one; however, there is no reason to not use the services of arguably the most popular domain hosting website.

  • Domain. Com

Domain names start at the rate of 9.99 dollars a year and are one of the cheapest alternatives when it comes to domain registration. Mobi domains are priced at 2.99 dollars a year while .net and .org require a mere 8.99 dollars yearly. Payments methods are varied too. You have the options of Visa, MasterCard as well as Discover, PayPal, and Money Express.

  • Namecheap.com

A decent and cheap domain registrar, it offers .com domains for 10.69 dollars while .net and .org can be obtained at 11.48 dollars yearly. Namecheap.com offers perfect services and support and has been considered to be one of the best alternatives to GoDaddy.com.

  • Name.com

Yet another one of the cheap domain registrars, it offers .com,.net and org at the starting price of 10.99 dollars a per year. The experience and services offered are excellent and comparable to the other registers on the list. For expired domains, it also offers the Domain Nabber services in order the grab the domain of expired websites and picking and grabbing their names.

  • Onlydomains.com

Onlydomains.com is an affordable global domain name and hosting site which has been known for its uptime network guarantee and is an ultra fast service. It gives a world-class support. It offers cheap .com, .net and .org services and has also introduced a huge number of other cool domain names.

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