Why Burger is not Good for Health | Bad Effects of Burger

The burger has become a part of life. You can get it anytime and anywhere. So, when you are hungry, you should not have to wait for a long time. Just get it. It has become popular all over the world and also broke the class of the people. But, besides its popularity and its deliciousness, it has a negative impact too. it helps to gain weight and also cause harmful effect on your body. So it would be better if you take other nutritious food. You may not know about the bad effects of a burger. Here are some of the bad effects of the burger.

Why is Burger not Good for Health?

  • Gaining weight

It helps to increase your weight because a burger is a fast food which contains high calorie. Double hamburger contains 576 calories and double cheeseburger contains 650 calories each. This will help to increase your weight, which is not good for health.
British researchers from the Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Center and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have determined that repeated eating burger, people are more likely to gain weight and become obese.

  • Negative impact one health

Its contains the high amount of cholesterol and saturated fat. The higher amount of cholesterol and saturated fat is linked with cardiovascular disease. So, you can choose a single patty burger without mayo. And the best option to prevent your heart from cardiovascular disease is to take Veg burger, which has zero percent of cholesterol.

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Our bodies were never designed to cope with the high energy dense foods consumed. That is a major reason why fast food in contributing to the major rise in obesity. Our bodies require fiber and more healthful types of fats. Fast food represents a dietary pattern that is the opposite of what is recommended for a healthy body.

  • Increase your blood pressure

A double hamburger with mayo contains 1,081 milligrams of sodium. A single patty burger without mayo contains only 258 milligrams of sodium. And this high amount of sodium helps to increase blood pressure, which is also linked to heart attack. Most sodium consumed comes from salt, which is added to processed and prepared food like burger, sandwiches, etc. so you have to limit your sodium consumption by avoiding such processed food as much as possible.

  • Diabetes

Fast food like burger has become a part of busy life. It is mostly accessible. But consuming of fast food is linked to diabetes. This is caused by poor lifestyle and overweight.

  • Stress

People mostly think that eating of burger help to increase pressure, cause diabetes and other harmful diseases. But you will be quite amazed that eating of burger increases your level of stress in comparison to people who eat a low-fat meal. Processed foods, such as junk foods and fast foods, contain synthetic additives like preservatives, emulsifiers, thickeners etc. These are the contributors to increase a level of stress. Stress encourages the body to produce more energy in the form of metabolic fuels, which cause the liver to secrete more of the bad cholesterol.

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