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Bhajan is music or a song of Hindu gods. It is of many types and do not have any fixed form. It always has a simple lyrics and it express love for the divine. It helps you to relax and free your mind. We sing Bhajan in temples to make god happy. And if you are investing your time in searching and downloading Bhajan devotional songs and artist then we have got some apps for you. This apps will helps you to find your favorite Bhajan and your favorite Bhajan artist.

Hindi Bhajan: 

This app will helps you to find Bhajan that you are searching. You just have to download this app and listen to many collection of Hindi Bhajan anytime, anywhere on your mobile and its totally free. You can find famous Bhajan, devotional music artist and many more. This app is made by Indian’s largest online music broadcasting service.

This app helps you to listen best and latest Hindi Bhajan songs and watch their videos, anywhere and anytime on your mobile. No need to download any songs you just click the song you want to listen and just listen to it. You can search any bhajan you want to listen. There are many collections of bhajan like Hanuman chalisa, gnesha Bhajan, Rama Bhajan Sai Baba Bhajan and many more. Just download this app and enjoy. You can also watch Hindi bhajan videos.

Hindi Bhajan: 

This app will help you to search and sing religious Bhajan you like the most. You can find great Bhajan of collection in this app. This app is easy to use and it will give you most exciting experience. You can find many Bhajan and know their popularity. As Bhajan sends devotees towards almighty it is sing for worship towards god in India. It is a spiritual song.

1000 Bhakti Songs:

If you are tired of downloading different apps to listen you favorite Bhajan of different gods then this app will help you to get rid of that. This app will provide you 1000 Bhakti songs in just one app. This app is free to download. It will work in 2G network also. It have many Bhajans, mantras, songs of all gods like Ram, Shiva, Durga, Ganesha, Hanuman, etc in this single app. It is simple to use this app.

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