Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in India

Looking for the best school to educate your child in? Which school is best suited for your child. Where is the amalgamation of education, performance and excellence confluence properly in order to give the best to your child? Which schools have been named the best in India for the quality education they provide? Read on to find the best boarding schools in India for girls and boys.

Best boarding schools in India

The evaluation has been done in terms of the sports education, co-curricular activities, and value for money, attention given to students, competent faculty members, teacher welfare and development as well as the parental involvement and the quality of management. Other attributes used for education are whether the schools provide quality value and moral education and if there is internationalism, community service, special needs education and leadership development or not. Firstly let us ponder upon the co-educational and best boarding schools in India which have managed to fall on the list.

10. Lawrence School situated in Lovedale, Ooty
9. Orchid International School situated in Nashik
8. New Era High School situated in Panchgani
7. Sherwood College situated in Nainital
6. Sri SahityaSai Higher Sec School situated in PrashatniNilayam in Puttaparthi
5. The Assam Valley School, as well as the Jain International School, situated in Balipura and Bangalore respectively
4. Rajghat Besant School which is situated in Varanasi
3. Lawrence School which is situated in Sanawar
2. Rishi Valley School in Chittoor
1. the first position on this list has been bagged by the Sahyadri School situated in Pune.

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Let us scroll on to find the best boarding school for girls.

10. Hometown Girls School situated in Dehradun as well as the Birla BalikaVidyapeeth situated in Pilani.
9. ModySchiool situated in Lakshamngarh, Rajasthan
8. Shah SatnamJi Girls School situated in Sirsa.
6. Vidya Devi Jindal School situated in Hisar
5. Adhok Hall Girls Residential School which is situated in Ranikhet
4. EcoleGlobale International Girls School which is situated in Dehradun
3. ScindiaKanyaVidyalaya situated in Gwalior as well as the Unison World School situated in Dehradun
2. Mayo College Girls School situated in Ajmer
1. Welham Girls School situated in Dehradun

Now we move forward to the best boarding schools for boys.

10. Birla VidyaMandir situated in Nainital
9. St. Joseph’s School situated in North Point, Darjeeling
8. Sarala Birla Academy situated in Bangalore
7. Birla Public School situated in Pilani
6. Rashtriya Indian Military College situated in Dehradun
5. Welham Boys School situated in Dehradun
4. Mayo College situated in Ajmer
3. The Scindia School which is situated in Gwalior
2. The Doon School situated in Dehradun
1. The Bishop Cotton School in Shimla

We sure hope that you find the best school for your child and get a chance to enroll them there and reap the benefits of a good career.

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