10 Amazing Facts about India, That Will Blow Your Mind

India has particularly known for the stereotyping and generalization it receives. The varied topography and genetic, linguistic and culinary diversity of India make it one of the unique countries in the world. Read on the find the 10 most amazing facts about India.

Amazing facts about India

1. Breaking Records

India and its inhabitants are obsessed about breaking as many records as possible. Guinness Book of World Records states that India ranks in the third position behind the USA as well as the UK for the records broken by the people each year. One such example is the gathering of 891 people dressed like Mahatma Gandhi. There are more obscure and bizarre records too. You won’t be bored when reading the India Book of Records.

2. Rich in Mangoes

Biggest producer and consumer of mangoes are? You guessed it right; it is the mighty country of India. The hot Indian summer demands mangoes and the consumption and production of this delicacy is the most in this country. The world’s 40% is produced here.

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3. Non- Bollywood films

The film industry of India is unparalleled. And most of the movies of India are not Hollywood but rather the regional movies like Tamil and Telugu. India makes about 1100 movies each year in average, ten times as in Britain and twice as many as in America.

4. Hazardous Roads

One downside of India is its deadly roads. 11500 people die on average each year in India due to road accidents out of which 37% are pedestrians while only 28% fall within motorcyclists and cyclists. This amount is the highest number of total road deaths in the world.

5. Muslims in India

India hosts about the third highest Muslim population in the world. 15% of Indians are Muslims and they comprise almost one-third of the total Muslim population of the world. While most immigrated to Pakistan during the separation, a huge chunk has stayed behind.

6. Democratic Voters

Indian boasts being the largest democracy in the world. With 417,037, 606 people having voted in the parliamentary election on 2009, this figure surely supports the facts. India also has the highest number of nominees for a single constituency, for example, 1032 stood for the Modakurichi assembly on 1996.

7. Megacities

Three of the world’s top ten megacities are present in India. Delhi, Mumbai, and Calcutta have been named the second, seventh and the tenth largest agglomeration in the world. this is directly independent to the huge increase in population in these cities each year.

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8. Languages

Linguistic diversity is arguably higher in India than the rest of the world. more than 1000 languages are spoken in India and India does not have a national language while Hindi and English are just official languages.

9. India an Island

India was a continent once which had been broken off from the Gondwanaland when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

10. Population

India’s population is huge and it has been estimated that the population of this great country will be the most in the world in 2028. By the 2060’s the population of this country is set to increase to 1.6 billion with this rate.

These are the 10 most amazing facts about India.

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