How to access WiFi password on Android

Do you need to access the internet immediately? Have some work to do? To ensure your safety concerns, the below-mentioned apps will only be suitable for public hotspots and open WiFi. Get connected to the nearest hotspot and get connected to the world. Access the WiFi password easily using the mentioned applications but be sure to use it for educational purposes by taking care to reduce misuse. Read on to find the best apps which can answer our question about how to access WiFi password on Android.

How to access WiFi password?

Swift Wifi – Global Wifi sharing

Swift Wifi helps you connect easily to the nearest WiFi hotspots for free; the availability and the password of the SSID will be directly detected by the application. Use the Safety Test option to ensure that connecting to the new WiFi is safe for your security.

In the travel category, this app has been in the first position. Travel, take pictures and get connected to loved ones back home using this app to connect freely to WiFi. Millions of users have contributed to the sharing economy and have provided passwords to share with users of the Swift WiFi.

Other features of this app include helping in efficient Wi-Fi management. Optimize your Wi-Fi connection, improve performance and connect to the optimal signal using its Smart Wifi function. Save battery and reduce radiation using auto turn off/on modes and use this app to suit your needs.

You also have the option to share the password of the free Wi-Fi you have discovered and contribute to the growing list. Over 50 million users are using this app and are constantly joining the Wi-Fi sharing community. Be a part of it today.

WPS Connect

Connect to WiFi networks with WPS enabled using this app, it has been strictly developed for educational purposes and should not be misused for other purposes for sure. The WPS Connect firstly verifies if your router is vulnerable to a default Pin or not. This app can help you check the vulnerability of your router too. If found vulnerable you can act accordingly and fix the issue.

It includes algorithms such as the Stefan Vienbock and Zhao Chesung to help you connect to a WPS-enabled WiFi by getting its password easily. Access the WiFi password on Android with ease using these apps and reap the benefits of connectivity.

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